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OnePlus One The OnePlus One .

If you were looking to buy accessories for your OnePlus One today might be the day. The Chinese startup is celebrating the first anniversary of its first phone by offering a 50 per cent off on all OnePlus One accessories on Amazon India store for the whole of Thursday.

The discount will apply to the OnePlus branded JBL E1+ earphones, tempered glass screen protector, anti-fingerprint screen protector, premium matte screen protector, protective case (clear) as well as the black, white and blue flip covers.

In fact, the two versions of the phone, the 16GB and 64GB variants, will both get a symbolic Re 1 cut. The company blog says it is a "reminder that the One is still an amazing value without any promotions or discounts". The phones are now available without invites.

"We strongly believe that the One is one of the most amazing, user-focused devices on the market. We know that this move may seem odd to some, but our message is clear: we refuse to overcharge for our devices, just to slash prices later in a marketing blitz. Our flagship killers have an amazing price tag, starting from day 1," says the blog.

It goes on to add that because of the "razor-thin margins", even a "price reduction of a single rupee has an enormous impact on our company".


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