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The update adds support for LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Yahoo has updated its Mail's contact cards to add support for Twitter and LinkedIn information.

According to the TechCrunch, the contact cards now display a person's most recent tweets, company, title, phone number and more. Contact cards were first introduced as an enhancement to Yahoo Mail in March, after Google's revamp of its own Google Contacts service. The contact cards are used to offer additional data about the person user is emailing.

Yahoo says that it's now able to pull in names for email addresses as well as profile photos, with the help from its Twitter and LinkedIn partnerships. It will also display links to these social profiles, in addition to Facebook and Yahoo's photo-sharing service Flickr.

The new update makes the contact cards feature more competitive with LinkedIn's own email plug-in Rapportive, which also displays a contact's information in their inbox, including their name, title, company and various social profiles but its product is compatible only with Gmail.

The email address of the person users are checking out needs to be the one they've associated with their social profile for Yahoo's new service work properly. Users will also have to authenticate with Twitter and LinkedIn. For that, users have to go to Yahoo Mail's 'Settings' section where the various social media accounts can be connected. 


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