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Retweet someone while adding your own comment; all 116 characters of it.

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Twitter has just rolled out its "Quote Tweet" functionality, that it's been testing over the past few months. The feature allows users to reference another tweet, with a comment of their own, without having to worry about hitting the 140 character limit. 

Quote tweeting works exactly like retweeting has always functioned for Twitter. Click on the Retweet button at the bottom of the tweet and it opens a dialog box. But, instead of just pasting the text there and allowing you to add your comment (as much as the limit allows) it now shows you the tweet you're quoting and allows you to append a full 116 characters to it. Very handy for when you want to comment on and reference a tweet that's used up its character limit. You can find the instructions here

The feature is also accessible from the mobile app and is just as user friendly. The only restriction is that you can't quote your own tweets. But frankly, quoting and  retweeting your own tweets is like high-fiving yourself in public. So it's probably best this way. 


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