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Micro-blogging and social media company Twitter has revealed its new, revamped home page in an effort to bolster flagging membership numbers and to demonstrate its ability to transform passive users to active ones.

Twitter has been under fire recently from a myriad of sources, with critics citing drooping user numbers and investors dissatisfied with a lack of any solid future business plan. However, the 140-characters-or-less social messaging site has been adamant that its slow-but-steady efforts to revamp its services will pay off – and that because millions of people simply read Twitter feeds without signing up on the site, user numbers re inaccurate.

In order to make its user figures more reflective of how many people do indeed use the service, Twitter has decided to revamp its home page with an eye towards servicing those shadow users. The micro-blogging platform says that around 500 million individuals visit Twitter without signing in – and that some 25 percent of those individuals (just under 125 million) visit the Twitter home page directly.

Before the home page redesign, anyone visiting the page that wasn't signed in to the service couldn't gain access to Twitter's feed of user tweets. However, this is now not the case: these same visitors will now be presented with a specific collection of Twitter feeds that have been carefully curated to highlight the most popular and trending videos, photos and status updates from the entire Twitterverse. This content has all been categorized to make it easy for users to find the specific content they want, from pop artists, television shows and stars, and even tech blogs and reporters; the main page also features a high-profile search bar for users looking for specific people or trending hashtags not contained on the micro-blogging site's home page currently.

Right now the new home page is exclusive to Twitter users in the United States. However, the company says that it will soon bring the new user-friendly approach to other regions where Twitter is used as well; it's just a matter of time before the roll-out, the company assured.


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