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NEW DELHI: Media Studies Group, a communication studies think-tank, has sought an extension of the deadline for comments on the Trai consultation paper on net neutrality.

The group is of the view that the April 24 cut-off is "unreasonable and should be extended."

It also wants the telecom regulator to bring out the document in regional languages as well.

"The issue of net neutrality is complex in nature and masses need to be educated in simple and non-technical jargon so that a fair opinion can be generated on the functioning of the internet," Media Studies Group said in a statement.

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It added that English language has the potential of altering the fair access to the internet by a large number of users of Hindi and other regional languages.

Media Studies Group held a meeting yesterday on internet neutrality in light of Trai's consultation paper on over-the-top (OTT) services.

The meeting dwelt on various technical, legal and social aspects of the Airtel Zero and initiative of Facebook.
READ ALSO: What is net neutrality and why it is important?
The group has also decided to give a detailed representation to Trai on the issue of net neutrality with a holistic view seeking protection of fundamental principles and rights enshrined in the Constitution of India.

The principle of net neutrality calls for equal treatment to be accorded to all internet traffic, without discrimination or priority for any person, entity or company.

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