Facebook to scale back brand content in favour of friend activity - Telegraph.co.uk

Facebook is aiming to strike a better balance between the amount of content from friends and brands on users' News Feeds by tweaking its algorithms.

Status updates, photos and videos shared directly by friends will be pushed higher up News Feeds, while news organisations and business pages may suffer promotion-wise as a result.

The changes may pose severe problems for brands which have become heavily reliant on Facebook as a source of traffic and advertising in recent years.

The tweaks have been made in order to best strike a balance for each individual, Max Eulenstein, product manage and Lauren Scissors, user experience researcher at Facebook said in a blog.

User feedback to the social network revealed that people generally disliked being shown updates regarding their friends liking or commenting on posts, which will now appear lower down in a News Feed or not at all, the company said.

Facebook recommended Page owners continue to post "meaningful" content and consider best practices for driving referral traffic in order to avoid a decline in visitors.


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