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Appfb87Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off the Facebook app for the Apple Watch in March.

Back in March, Apple gave the world a close look at its first wearable, weeks before the device officially debuted in stores.

Developers worked quickly to equip the Apple Watch with everything from an official Twitter app, to an eBay app and even a Chipotle app, but one app previewed on stage during the March event remains missing: Facebook.

At the time, Apple prominently displayed the social network's app.

"You can connect to social media," CEO Tim Cook said, as a large image of a Facebook logo-emblazoned app flashed on the display behind him. The screenshot of the Apple Watch Facebook app showed an example of a photo-tag notification, and an option to dismiss it.

But more than a month later, as consumers are finally getting their hands on the watch, Facebook's app is nowhere to be found. And this doesn't seem to be a mere oversight, as apps for ESPN and CNN — both presented along with Facebook's in March — are currently available in the Apple Watch app store.

"We're excited for the launch of the Apple Watch," a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable when asked about the app. "We have nothing to announce today, but we're always evaluating new platforms to build the best Facebook experience for people."

The missing app did not go unnoticed by new Apple Watch owners, who tweeted their surprise at the device's lack of Facebook functionality.

Some may speculate that the omission is due to industry politics, but the fact that Facebook's own Instagram app is already available in the Apple Watch store should eliminate these concerns. And, based on the March event app screenshot from Apple, it's likely that the app is still in the works.

Additional reporting by Karissa Bell

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