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Starting April 24, Apple will reportedly be offering 'Apple Watch Basics' workshops in some of its retail stores around the world, in order to help out users with the basics and functionality of the Watch.

According to a report by MacRumours, classes are listed on individual retail store websites along with the Stores section on the Apple Store app. These workshops will take place every 90 minutes all day long in most locations and will also be available over weekends. Customers can schedule an appointment in a store where workshops are listed. At the moment, this facility is only available to a limited number of stores. Though, there was no information provided whether Apple will have a global rollout for the 'Apple Watch Basics' workshops.



The report also added that, some stores are showing additional Apple Watch classes apart from the basic class, with a "Stay in Touch with Apple Watch" class which will also be available in select locations only. According to a recent poll, a whooping 94 percent of US adults do not plan to buy Apple Watch. The poll showed the watch, marketed by Apple as a high-fashion item as well as a new frontier in technology, appealed to fewer than 4 percent of women compared with 9 percent of men.

As far as overall interest in the watch as opposed to intending to buy it, the poll showed that 18 percent of respondents were 'very' or 'somewhat' interested versus 76 percent who showed no interest.

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