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Ericsson, Internet, Mobile Broadband, mobile India India, teleco, technology news Most mobile internet users in India have got a perception that there is little value in investing in 3G plans.

While India is witnessing a massive rise in smartphone user base, connectivity continues to be a major pain point. Ericsson ConsumerLab today revealed in a report that around 48 per cent of the smartphone mobile internet users find little difference between 2G and 3G Internet speeds.

"3G obviously has a superior performance compared to 2G. However, most internet users in India have got a perception that there is little value in investing in 3G plans. As 3G mobile data is costly, subscribers find little value in buying 3G mobile Internet plans as they find no difference in 2G and 3G speeds," said Ajay Gupta, vice president and head of strategy and marketing, Ericsson India while launching the Ericsson ConsumerLab report called "The Changing Mobile Broadband Landscape".

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Citing the reason for 3G speeds not being at its best, Gupta said, "Network densification needs to happen. Also, the network needs to be optimised with respect to the growing number of 3G users." The report did not reveal the actual speed subscribers should get on 3G. While the average loading time for a webpage should be 3 seconds, in India, it takes around 10 seconds. Also, 3G connectivity is not consistent.

Highlighting the major challenges in adoption of mobile broadband, Gupta said, "Majority of smartphone users feel it is expensive. More than half the people surveyed feel that it is of little use."

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The report also stated that 55 per cent of subscribers do not understand data plans. Consumers are unable to buy the plan that best suits their needs. "If people understand data plans, consumption is twice. Also, data plans need to be flexible. Personalisation of plans gives a perception of more value to consumers. People are willing to pay between Rs 70 and Rs 250 to shift from 2G to 3G," Gupta added.

"The diverse consumer base is adopting mobile broadband and using a wide variety of services, beyond chat and messaging. Consumers have different motivations for and behaviors when using mobile broadband services. Personalised services are viewed positively and are demanded by consumers," according to the report.


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