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WhatsApp has rolled out an update to its Android app which will let you backup your WhatsApp conversations to Google Drive. This feature will be available in the latest update with version number 2.12.45 for Android. This version can be downloaded from the company's official website.

With the new update, you will need to select the option to take a backup to Google Drive in the chat 'Settings' tab. You will naturally have to connect your Gmail account associated with Drive to the WhatsApp account.

Image: Android Police

Image: Android Police

WhatsApp already has the offline conversation backup feature but with the online conversation backup, your WhatsApp chats will show up in Google Drive whenever you take a backup while being connected. This will make backing up comparatively speedier.

This update is not available on iOS or Windows Phone platform yet. Also you will not find it on Google Play Store as well, at the moment.

Backing up conversations has been an oft-requested feature on WhatsApp. Recently company CEO Jan Koum had announced on his Facebook page that WhatsApp has reached 800 million monthly active users.

WhatsApp has also released the Material Design for Android smartphones. It is currently available only on an apk file.

The new Material Design overhaul brings a refined look. Though the general layout is same, it now has a refreshing colour scheme – a deep green title bar that blends seamlessly into the three tabs for calls, chats and contacts. The chat window comes with new buttons to record voice messages, and also made available in attachment option pop-up.

During group chats, one will find a cleaner layout and a larger cover image. One will also find some cosmetic changes made to the media selection screen.

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