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The Asus Zenfone 2 that is scheduled to be launched in India on April 23 reached the IBNLive office this week and we took it out for a stroll in the blazing summer sun. While the scorching rays of the sun made us sweat a little, they made the phone shine even better. Here's our quick hands-on with the phone.

The 'world's first 4 GB RAM phone' Asus Zenfone 2 is coming to India on April 23. Slated to be released in three models, the phone will come at different price points, with the high-end model expected to be priced close to Rs 20,000.

It has a curved back with a removable rear panel that features a brushed-metal finish to give the phone a premium look.

Adorning the phone is the company's signature concentric circle finish at the lower-end block of the front panel.

The phone's rounded edges make the phone, that you may otherwise find too wide to rest in your one hand, comfortable to grip.

The rear panel houses a speaker grill right at the bottom of the back that produces loud results in noisy environments.

The volume key positioned at the back gives better controls. (LG in 2013 was the first to shift the volume buttons - traditionally found on the sides - to the back of the phone.)

Underneath the removable panel are slots for SIM cards (4G and 2G) and a microSD card slot that supports memory card of up to 64 GB.

The Zenfone 2 produces good results in both bright-light and low-light conditions.

Running Android Lollipop with ZenUI atop, the Zenfone 2 has a plethora of Asus' proprietary apps.

The phone's display is good in terms of colour reproduction, touch response and navigation.

The micro USB connector is at the bottom of the phone.

The headphone jack on top of the phone sits next to the power button. The phone, however, can be powered on and off by double tapping the screen.

Its curved back makes the phone slim at the edges and relatively thick at the middle.

The Zenfone 2's camera with a dual-LED flash, volume key, and the Asus logo neatly sit in a queue at the back of the phone and don't make the rear panel look clumsy - at all.

It will be available in India in five colours - Black, Silver, Red, Gold, White. "The high-end mode, however, will be available in only first four colours," said Asus India country manager Peter Chang.

At its heart is an Intel 64-bit quad-core processor paired with 4 GB of RAM. Of its 32 GB internal storage, around 26 GB is user accessible.

Apart from the Zenfone 2, the company will also launch a 10000mAh power bank and two other mobile accessories at its April 23 event.

For more, you can go to our quick hands-on with the phone.


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