OnePlus One price in India slashed by, wait for it, Re 1! - BGR India

Today marks a year since OnePlus launched its first flagship smartphone, the One. To commemorate its first anniversary, OnePlus has slashed the price of the One. But it is not what you think.Unlike other brands that slash prices by a couple of thousand rupees, OnePlus has slashed prices of both variants of the One by just Re 1. The company says it is a symbolic gesture to show that it doesn't price its smartphones high only to slash prices later.

Earlier this week, the Chinese smartphone startup had also put an end to its invite system for the OnePlus One forever, suggesting that either they are finally found a balance between supply and demand or that they are getting rid of their existing inventory ahead of the OnePlus 2 launch next quarter.

On a more serious note, as a celebration of One's first anniversary, OnePlus is selling all accessories for existing or new users at a 50 percent discount. It had earlier given the discount for new OnePlus One buyers only. However, this discount is valid only for today. So if you are a OnePlus One owner, now would be a good time to check out Amazon India for official accessories.


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