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One of the big problems people identified with the new Apple MacBook was the absence of ports, which were replaced by a single USB C port. That one USB C port should be used for charging and file transfers, peripheral hookups, monitor connections or any other interfacing, in Apple's opinion, which roughly translates to Apple wanting MacBook users to take more advantage of the cloud and of cloud services. That's a good idea, but many say that the world is not ready for such a change in such a rapid way, but we'll have to see about that. The bigger problem is that even if people are ok with the single USB C port that's on the new MacBook, there is less gear and gadgets available that actually use this port, which makes buying adapters necessary and an extra investment when buying a MacBook.

It seems that Apple has noticed the problem and has decided that the more than one million Apple Watch orders that have piled up in the first day when preorders went live was enough motivation to ease up a bit. In consequence, it seems like the new MacBook will be compatible with third-party USB C cords and connectors so that you won't have to buy exclusive Apple products which always cost more than what you would find on the market.

Apple has unveiled that the USB C or USB Type C port that is on the new MacBook will be compatible with all kinds of third-party USB C connectors, cords and even chargers, which should come as good news seeing as the variants that the Cupertino-based company offers are rather expensive. This move is a first for Apple, as up until now, users of their products were more or less obligated to buy accessories from Apple itself, maximizing profit. The only condition that Apple puts on third party USB C cords and their compatibility with the MacBook is that the manufacturer uses the standards for power delivery specified by Apple, which is not that hard to do.


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